What should I wear for my session?

I always recommend pastel colors. Bold/bright colors, such as coral and turquoise can reflect off of the sun and tend to cause a color cast onto your skin. In turn, it can give you a pink, red, or even green hue.

Should my family match?

The general rule for photography sessions is rather than everyone trying to match or wear the same color, attempt to find outfits that compliment one another instead. It helps the images flow well together and the look is much more appealing.

Do you provide props?

We usually do not provide props. However, we LOVE when clients bring along props to incorporate. Personalized sessions are great!

What time of the day do you schedule sessions?

The lighting is best an hour before sunset. This timeframe is called the ‘golden hour’ because when the sun starts getting low, it causes a GORGEOUS warm hue in your images. Earlier in the day,the sun can be very bright and extremely harsh, causing unflattering shadows. Due to that, we usually tend on only schedule sessions either during golden hour or at sunrise.

Do you only work on weekends or can I schedule something during the week?

We have two small children. So the goal is to always attempt to book sessions during the weekend first. However, we do have limited availability during the week for sessions, weddings, and events as well!

Can I choose the location?

You sure can! If you have a location in mind already, definitely let me know and I will do my best to make it happen for you! If you have no clue where you’d like to go for your session, well that’s fine too! My first step in finding the perfect location for you is to find out the type of scenery you’d prefer; fields, barns, lakes, wooded areas, the city? You let me know and we can go from there!

Do you travel outside of the West Georgia area?

Yes! We enjoy adventure and are always up for finding new places to add to our portfolio! In fact, a beach session is on my bucket list….So maybe you can make that happen for me?! Lol

Do you offer print packages?

Definitely! Digitals are great and all for sharing with family and friends on social media, but prints are SO important! Seriously, don’t just let your images sit on your computer. Print them! Prints are what you’re going to hang on the wall. They’re what you are going to pass down to your children and grandchildren. We offer professional quality prints that will LAST. Our print packages start at $30

Can I order an album from you?

Of course! I seriously enjoy designing custom albums. We offer small coffee table albums, little black books, wedding guest books, parent albums, and sooo much more!